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Pitchable creates customised smart forms (and more) for producers, journalists, reporters, editors, media organizations and anyone who regularly gets story pitches.
There's some complicated stuff behind it all to make story pitches a better experience.

How it works

1. Tell us what you need in a story pitch here, and we make a custom form for you.
2. Then we send back a unique url, like
3. Share the link with people who pitch you stories.
4. Receive pitches with the information you need.

More features

- Cloud links to uploaded videos, photos and other files.
- A email address that shares your unique URL.
EG: Got a story? [email protected]
- Reply Accept or Decline and we'll notifiy the pitcher appropriately.
- Custom forms for teams or media organisations, just email [email protected]
- Currently Pitchable doesn't save any content pitched to you. We won't be able retrieve it if you accidentally delete the pitch email either.

PR/publicists/media advisors makes pitching more effective for you.
We have some features in the works.
Get in contact for early access - [email protected]

Brief backstory

Hi, I’m Courtney.
I worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a radio producer before doing other things. In my time there I was pitched thousands of stories (I worked it out, not too precisely).
Of the successful pitches there was usually a necessary element missing.
Chasing down content takes time out of our day making a daily radio show.
And more pitches would’ve been successful with a form that sorted what was relevant from what was not.
Then working on the other side, pitching stories, I saw the ways we were getting it wrong again. Sometimes by picking the wrong journalist all together!
"Why hasn't this process improved?"
Here's me on LinkedIn

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